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A heartfelt welcome to you!

My name is Britta Sojka, and I am an English coach and confidence coach. I help professionals working in and around finance topics to communicate confidently and clearly in any business setting, making sure they are understood correctly and without ever having to worry again about being nervous and getting stuck.  I am British and German and a chartered accountant and trained coach. Working with business clients at all hierarchy levels, my specialty is to transfer the personal knowledge and expertise you have in German into English, whilst of course also helping you with your English accounting and finance needs. 

How can you work with me ?

  • Coaching one to one
  • Coaching in (business) groups or
  • Join my weekly English Masters Membership for practice and fun
  • Join my 4-week mastermind:  Confident business communicaton for finance professionals

If you want to know more, please feel free to book a free clarity call 🙂